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PhD in Mathematical Biophysics​

Full Professor Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University,
Head, Geosimulation and Spatial Analysis Lab


My research includes study of the big urban data, use of public transport and parking in the city, modeling of the urban land use and residential dynamics, impact of local and regional plans, vehicle-pedestrian interactions and road accidents.

Journals editing

​Professional Organizations membership

IGU Commission on Geographical Information Science

International conference on Geocomputation, Steering Committee

Israeli and International Regional Science Association



Current research grants

  1. 2015-2018, “Adaptive Dynamic Parking Pricing: From theory to Practical Implementation,” Israeli Prime Minister Office, Innovation in Transport Foundation, with Eran Ben-Alia, BGU, NIS 225K

  2. 2016-2018, “From Big Data to Public Transport Demand by fusing cellular and smartcard data”, Israeli Ministry of Transport, with Eran Ben Elia, BGU, NIS243K

  3. 2017-2020, “Adoption of the shared autonomous vehicle: A Game-based model of urban travelers and transportation system co-adaptation” Israeli Ministry of Transport, with Yoram Shiftan, Technion and Eran Ben Elia, BGU, and NIS500K

  4. 2017 – 2019, “From Proprietary to Open Source Tools for Management and Analysis of Governmental Spatial Big Data,” Israeli Mapping Center, NIS200K

  5. 2018-2021, "Tessellation of urban parking prices", Israeli Science Foundation, with Eran Ben Elia, BGU, NIS511K


  • Fundamentals of GIS (BA)
    Annual course for beginners. Vector and raster data structures, thematic mapping, spatial databases, SQL, topology, georeferencing, address matching, basic methods of spatial analysis, 
    3D, Coordinate systems, Algorithms. Software - ArcGIS, MapInfo.

  • Quantitative methods in Geography (BA)
    Application of statistical methods in geographic research. Linear regression, Cross-Tabulation, Analysis of spatial patterns, Multiple regerssion, Planning of experiment. 
    Software - SPSS, Geoda, ArcGIS.

  • Modeling and Simulation in Geography (BA)
    Course for beginners. Review of the geographic modeling from 1950s with focus on the Cellular Automata and Agent-Based Systems. Software - Excel, NetLogo

  • Spatial decision-making (MA)
    Course for advanced GIS students. Multi-criteria decision making and its implementation in GIS, architecture of Decision Support Systems, organization of databases for Spatial DSS. Software - ArcGIS

  • Establishing enterprise GIS (MA)
    Course for advanced GIS students. Relational DBMS theory, SQL3, Client-Server architecture, Building simple client applications, GIS and Internet. Software: QGIS, Postgres/PostGIS.

  • Advanced statistical methods in geography (MA)
    Multidimensional statistical methods - cluster analysis, factor analysis, canonical variables analysis, multivariate analysis of variance. Software - SPSS

  • Geostatistics (MA)
    Spatial autocorrelation, Variogram, Kriging, Simulation, Spatial sampling. Software - ArcGIS, Geostatistical analysis module

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