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Gennady Waizman, PhD student

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I received my MSc. in Applied Geodesy from the State University of Land Use Planning, Moscow, Russia.
My PhD studies at the Porter School of Environmental Science are devoted to modeling traffic accidents.
I develop driver’s and pedestrian’s behavioral algorithms that are based on collision avoidance view of human motion. Drivers and pedestrians are combined within the spatially explicit dynamic agent-based simulations for investigating accident dynamics at the “black spots” – location where the accident rate is steadily high.


  1. Waizman G., Shoval, S., Benenson I. (2018) Traffic accident risk assessment with dynamic microsimulation model using range-range rate graphs, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 119, 248-262

  2. G. Waizman  S. Shoval, I. Benenson (corresponding author), 2015, Micro-Simulation Model for Assessing the Risk of Vehicle-Pedestrian Road Accidents, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19(1), p 63–77


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