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I received my PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the Department of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Haifa. My main academic interests include spatial dynamics of urban systems, the evolution of built up and open spaces, urban complexity and modeling. I am currently working on the analysis of travel behavior patterns based on the Israeli Smartcard database.



Articles in Refereed Journals

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Working papers

  1. 2001 Czamanski D. and Marinov, M., “Towards An Infrastructure Policy Consensus and A National Capital Outlay Budget 2000-2010”,  Neaman Institute, Technion, 2001.

  2. 2012 Czamanski, D. and Marinov, M.,On Public Utility Regulation, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem (in Hebrew).


Published online

  1. 2015 Benguigui L. and Marinov, M., A classification of natural and social distributions. Part one: the descriptions, arXiv:1507.03408 [physics.soc-ph].

  2. 2016 Benguigui L. and Marinov, M., A classification of natural and social distributions. Part one: the explanations, arXiv: 1607.00856 [physics.soc-ph].

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