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July 2022: Aleksey Ogulenko and Itzhak Benenson (TAU) and Marina Toger, John Osth and Alexey Siretskiy (Uppsala University, Sweden) have published a paper The fallacy of the closest antenna: Towards an adequate view of device location in the mobile network (CEUS, v95). We demonstrate that the area of a possible mobile phone location is many times larger than the area of the cell tower's Voronoi polygon. To comprise 90% of the mobile phone possible locations, one has to consider the tower's Voronoi polygon together with the two adjacent rings of these polygons, see

Geosimulation and Spatial Analysis Lab

Based on high-resolution GIS and big data on human and institutions’ spatial behavior, we model the complex geographic system as collectives of decision-makers who define system’s spatio-temporal dynamics and evolve themselves.


MA Graduates

  • Einat Sharon, April 2017, Porter School of environmental Science, “Land-use dynamics in the agriculture settlements of Sharon area during 1965 – 2008”.

  • Nitzan Neeman, June 2017, Dept of Engineering, TAU, “GIS model of urban runoff”, Co-supervising with Dr. Kobi Anker, University Ariel.

  • Amit Rosental, December 2014, Porter School, "Construction of high-resolution accessibility maps for the public transport".

  • Lucia Bergovoy Yellin, May 2014, Porter School, "Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Health", Co-supervising with Dr. Chava Peretz, and Dr. Judith Shaham, TAU.

  • Omer Ben-Asher, July 2013, Dept of Geography, "The factors and feedbacks affecting Bedouin agriculture in the Negev",Co-supervising with Dr. Giora Kidron, TAU.

  • Asaf Bar-Yosef, Porter School, "Vicious loop of public transportation dynamics",  November 2013, Co-supervising with Prof Yoram Shiftan, Technion and Prof Katel Martens, Radboud Univ, Nijmegen, Holland.

  • Idan Hauz, Dept of Geography, BGU, “Urban dynamics in Arab towns in Israel Demonstration on Sakhnin”, March 2013, Co-supervising with Dr. Nurit Alfasi, BGU.

  • David Tal, November 2012, Dept of Geography, "Development of the web-based catalog and search engine for the library of historical maps".

  • Uzi Shamir, October 2012, Dept of Geography, “Effects of artificial water sources on distribution patterns of desert-dwelling bat species in the Negev and Judea deserts”.

  • Tiferet Zilberman, September 2012, Porter School Environment Sciences, "Vulnerability of the Northern Negev landscapes", Co-supervising with Dr. Giora Kidron, TAU.

  • Igor Aksinenko, July 2011, Dept of Geography, “Field studies of the drivers’ parking behavior”.

  • Ariela Kwartler, November 2010, Dept of Geography, "Development of GIS-based methodology for estimating accessibility by means of public transport".

  • Iddo Porat, March 2009, Dept of Geography, BGU,  “Long-term planning versus local factors in regional development”, Co-supervising with Dr.Nurit Alfasi, BGU.

  • Natalin Bergman, September 2009, Dept of Geography, BGU, “The meaning of tolerant behavior in process of urban renewal”, Co-supervising with Dr. Nurit Alfasi, BGU.

  • Adi Vitman, April 2007, Dept of Geography, “The Influence of the Geographic Location on Development of Non-Agricultural Businesses in Israeli Kibbutzim“.

  • Moti Zohar, February 2007, Porter School, “Spatial distribution of earthquakes in Mediterranean”.

  • Anna Venitsianov, February 2007, Dept of Geography, “Development of spatially explicit high-resolution model of urban residential dynamics and its application for Modiin”.

  • Udi Or, May 2005, Dept of Geography, “High-resolution investigation of residential distribution in Israeli cities”.

  • Slava Birfir, April 2005, Dept of Geography, “The model of parking search along the street”.

  • Dov Pash, March 2005, Dept of Geography, “Individual segregation in the city local environment”.

  • Ilanit Melamed, July 2004, Dept of Geography, “The use of local segregation measures for estimating spatial distribution of social phenomena”.

  • Sigal Mesika, December 2003, Dept of Geography, “Development of GIS for estimating fire risk in a forest”.

  • Rahel Rodnitski, November 2002, Dept of Geography, “Comparative study of the street network morphology in the GIS framework”.

  • Adital Levi, February 1998, Dept of Geography, “GIS analysis of spatial distribution of the archaeological sites”.

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